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On December 1, 2003, Congress enacted the Privacy Act of 2003 which protects the display, sale or purchase of social security numbers
and/or any personal identifying information that could lead to fraud or identity theft. To obtain bankruptcy records for a case filed prior to
December 1, 2003, and that has been closed for more than one year you may do either of the following:
(1.) Contact the attorney who represented you in the bankruptcy proceeding. The attorney is required by law to retain any documents that require
original signatures for four years after the closing of the case. Please note the attorney may charge a fee.
(2.) Contact the Clerk's office in writing to request a copy of your records. There is a $26.00 record search fee plus $.50 per page copy charge.
The fees may be submitted by certified funds or money order to: U.S. Bankruptcy Court, P.O. Box 70, Wheeling, West Virginia 26003
Phone number (304)233-1655

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